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  Zao “Zavod Binit” offers the following activities and services:

• Manufacture of basic chemicals;  • Production of industrial gases;   • Production of dyes and pigments; 

• Production of other basic inorganic chemicals;   • Production of other basic organic chemicals;  • Production of synthetic and hydrolytic ethyl alcohol; 

• Production of other basic organic chemical substances, not included in other categories;   • Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds; 

• Production of plastics and synthetic resins, in primary forms;  • Production of chemical plant protection products (pesticides) and other agrochemical products;

 • Manufacture of glues and gelatin;  • Manufacture of essential oils;  • Production of photographic materials; 

• Manufacture of prepared unrecorded media;  • Manufacture of other chemical products;  • Production of chemically modified animal or vegetable fats and oils (including varnish), inedible mixtures of animal or vegetable fats and oils; 

• Production of lubricants, additives for lubricants and anti-freeze;   • Manufacture of other chemical products;  • Production of artificial and synthetic fibers;market.

Zao “Zavod Binit” offers the following agrochemical services:

 Zavod Binit Company delivers of all types of fertilizers and plant protection products to domestic and foreign

Zavod Binit company analysis & implement automatic selection of soil samples and agrochemical soil analysis for N, P, K, S, Zn, etc., as well as the pH level; area measurement and physical mapping of the fields using GPS satellite system.

Zavod Binit Company involves in production of agrochemical cartograms on the content of major nutrients; drafting and issuing recommendations on introduction of each food item based on its predecessor, the planned yield aftereffect of fertilizers; production of mixed fertilizers, containing all the necessary batteries for various crops.

Zavod Binit Company takes rapid determination of nitrogen content based on the diagnostic sheet; the seeds of modern varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops from leading manufacturers.

Zavod Binit company employs highly certified & qualify agronomist’s consultants in order to help their consumers and customers choose the right product and to orient the schemes of its application in the state agricultural and also conducting the Individual work with each client.

Zavod Binit company work closely with scientists from the approved Russian zonal agricultural research institutes and other leading centers in the field of agricultural chemistry and plant nutrition.

Zavod Binit Company employed specialists offer to farmers the best world achievements in regards to fertilizer products. The company new products and technologies regularly represent farmers on the traditional field days.



Our Capabilities

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Zavod Binit company improvement on quality & safe products applies to all food and feed products offered by the company on domestic and foreign market, regardless of the ultimate purpose of their application, whether they are used for human or animal.


Zavod Binit company has huge contribution to the improvement of living standards in the regions of operations and development of the global agribusiness and food production in several regions of Russia and marketing of the output to global market.


About Our Company

Zao Zavod Binit is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, photographic chemical material, agro chemicals and mineral fertilizers in Russian Federation. Zao Zavod Binit was founded in the year 2007; Zao Zavod Binit is located in Permskiy Kray, Perm, Russia.